SKYBILL Utility Billing is the solution for any utility service provider, property manager, or municipality – it’s all in one – Full ERP,
accounting, billing, reporting, CRM, client self-service portal, and a lot more other usable functionality.

The solution is made on Microsoft Dynamic 365 BC platform with full ERP functionality.



Complete Meter-to-Cash solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Client Information System including Customer Portal and Mobile App

Customizable to your needs- Invoice Layout, Reports, and Business Logic 


SKYBILL is Utility Management, Billing and CIS Software offered as SaaS in the Cloud, meaning we take care of all the infrastructure and software,

and you get:


Both Windows client and web client versions are included. The Windows client is a small installation for your PC and offers more user-friendly functions than the web client, but also requires Microsoft Windows OS. The web client can be used from any Internet-connected device. To use the web client properly, we recommend configuring the system and creating role centers for users.

 & licenses

No need to invest in infrastructure and licenses – we provide the servers and all the software that is needed to work with the solution (WIN SERVER, SQL, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central).


No additional maintenance costs – the subscription price includes maintenance for both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the specialized solution and web solutions.


No upgrade costs – upgrades are delivered automatically. The solution is automatically updated with the lateest patches, as well as upgrades to new versions and role centers for users.

Rapid deployment

The solution is ready to use within 10 minutes of you registering in SKYBILL. The environment set-up process is fully automated and you just need to enter the main information to start using the system.


We can customize any function, or even add or modify workflows. Customizations are an additional service and the costs can be discussed with support based on your requirements.We can customize any function, or even add or modify workflows. Customizations are an additional service and the costs can be discussed with support based on your requirements.

If you need an ON-PREMISES version, please contact our support team.

SKYBILL Utility Management, Billing and CIS software is an integrated extension in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC ERP, but can be also used as a standalone module with data exported to your existing ERP at general ledger level. All data import and export forms are available in SKYBILL. Import and export is done via Excel files.



Define any type of facilities for each customer, including apartments, garages, business, and other properties. You can define groups of properties to be billed, in order to adjust rates more precisely - for example, the domestic property rate might be lower than the business property rate for the same service, or vice versa.


Define any number and any kind of services provided at each property. As well as water, electricity, gas, and heating, you can include any other services that need to be billed regularly.


Set rates and any combination of rates and services. Rates can be configured per agreement, customer, customer group, property, quantity or time period, and in any permutation required.


Set rates, and any combination of rates and services. Calculate bills periodically based on meter readings or flat rates.


Define services that are calculated based on other services (e.g. sewerage, pro-rata shared services, etc.)


Get complete information about your customers' consumption and payments. The solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC ERP, so it includes all accounting and reporting functionality. For some countries special localization modules are available; call support for more information.


With SKYBILL you can prepare bills to be sent via regular post, email, SMS, or to the customer portal. SKYBILL billing doesn’t provide an SMS messaging service; this is usually done by local service providers.


Option to integrate your billing solution with external systems, such as meter reading gateways, for automatic data upload.


Manage bulk manual data entry with a sophisticated error-control system. Before the billing process, the system comprehensively validates the data and issues warnings about incomplete data or significant differences from average usage patterns.


Track your meter maintenance. SKYBILL has an in-built fixed asset tracking solution, to see where the meter is located when it needs repairing or replacing, and other meter-related information.


Track multiple locations for individual customers. With SKYBILL you can manage multiple locations for one client, and bill them on one or separate bills depending on the client's needs.


Create customized reports. You can create any report and export it to doc, pdf, CSV, or XLS formats. Some reports can be created by the user, while others need special setups, which we can help with.


Customers can see their bills and consumption and payment histories, enter meter readings, communicate with their service provider, and pay for services online (optional). The client portal is included in the price and there are no additional usage charges. 


SKYBILL provides a direct debit option (requires an appropriate agreement with your bank and clients). A direct debit or direct withdrawal is a financial transaction, in which one person withdraws funds from another person's bank account.


Any kind of integration is possible with other systems, such as ERP, bank gateways, SMS messaging, debt collection, client portals, etc.


SKYBILL Utility Management, Billing and CIS bears the Certified by Microsoft Dynamics logo. This means it is a proven, tested, and recommended business solution. Solutions that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics are:

  • Developed by a certified and reputable Independent Software Vendor
  • Designed for a unique business and industry need
  • Tested for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Used and recommended by other companies
  • Low-risk, fast to implement, and simple to maintain
  • Properly supported and protected
  • Compliant with industry-specific requirements and local language, tax, and governmental regulations
  • SKYBILL Utility Management, Billing, and CIS has been successfully supporting utility companies for over 10 years



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