A Self-Service Portal is a website with self-help functions for utility customers to easily access documentation and
information that is relevant to them. SkyBill’s self-service web portal provides personalized information such as invoices,
policies, consumption history, support tickets, and transaction history to improve the collaboration of information. Skybill
utility self-service portal improves the way how customers interact with your organization.

The Portal is white-labeled, so you can add your design and look and feel.


  • Mobile app for Android, and iOS coming
  • Web application for IE, FOX, CHROME (tested)
  • Registration in the portal – verification by agreement number in the SkyBill system. Only verified customers can register to use the portal. Once verified they can log in using just their username and password
  • Portal is white-labeled – you can change the fonts, and background picture, and add your LOGO
  • You can use our web services to create your own design for the customer portal and integrate with SkyBill
  • After 3 unsuccessful login attempts, captcha verification is needed
  • Users can set the first page they see after login – dashboards, graphs, tenant info, etc.


  • See current balance (+/-)
  • Pay online (requires integration with local payment system) – option to pay a single bill or pay all open bills
  • Historical bills in graphical format, in CSV for export, in table
  • See bills in PDF, download, and print – bills are generated directly from the back office and are the same as in the system
  • View consumption data, consumption comparisons, benchmark usage against other customers, tenant KPI graphs
  • The trend line in the graphs
  • See consumption for each property and for each meter at each property
  • Enter meter readings (if the company allows tenants to enter readings, e.g. for manually read meters)
  • See customer card (information available for utility company about tenant), also change and update it
  • Set up a tenant for a particular property
  • Write messages to the utility service provider, attach files to the message
  • Receive messages from the utility company
  • Monitor read / unread messages, also opened / unopened bills
  • Optional module to see which utility agreements are active – they need to be scanned and added to the client card in the back office

Info about general Dynamics 365 BC functionality:

Min. hardware requirements:


Microsoft ships minor platform updates monthly and major platform updates every six months.

  • Minor updates

Minor updates can include bug fixes and improvements that should not affect the platform’s compatibility with the previous version of the application. In rare situations, partners may be asked to recompile their solution to work with a minor update of a Business Central platform.

  • Major updates

Major updates will include changes that can require partners to perform a technical upgrade to make their application work with the new version of the platform. For more information, see the Dynamics 365 release plans.


Integration capabilityStatus
Dynamics 365 API endpointAvailable if the base application objects are unchanged
Outlook Add-inAvailable
Power BIAvailable if the customer has a Power BI license
Power AutomateAvailable if the customer has a Power Automate license
Power AppsAvailable
Microsoft 1st party
integration apps included:
YodleeQuick BooksOCRAMC, and others, but in many cases the partner must set up a separate agreement with these service providers
Azure machine learningAvailable if the partner has an Azure ML subscription
Integration with Dynamics
365 Sales
Microsoft GraphCurrently under evaluation
Accountant HubAvailable in specific countries
SkyBill MDM moduleFor smart meter data mapping
Payment gateways in SkyBillStripe, PayPal, Payzee, First Data, others available on request
Custom-made APIsWe can make APIs for any information field in the system to be pushed or pulled to 3rd party systems

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