Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the project size, data migration, integrations, and customizations - from a couple of hours (for an out-of-the-box solution for a start-up with no integrations) to several months for more complex projects.
The list of official languages supported by Microsoft and its partners is available at Some localizations are available directly from local partners.
We use APIs to facilitate integration with external systems. APIs are available for each field or data in the system, or we can create an API if it is not available by default.
We have a customer self-service portal that is white-labeled, so clients can add their own logos. Clients can create their own design if they prefer, which we can integrate with information from the back office (invoices, usage, balance, etc.).
Yes we can, at the General Ledger Level, as well as at the transaction level.
The most common method is using CSV files. In more complex cases, we can write scripts, should any additional data sorting functionality be needed.
Yes, we do. We can provide a training course for your team, as well as help with the system and rate set-ups and any customizations and support after going into production. Sometimes support is provided by local partners.
Most clients for our utility billing solution have around 20k-50k customers or tenants. However, we also have clients who started with just 1000 customers, and, as system is scalable, SkyBill can be used for projects with up to 1 million customers.
We offer our solution in all countries where Microsoft 365 Business Central is available, as SkyBill has been developed as an add-on for Dynamics 365 Business Central (which is included in the license costs).
We have set up our environment in a TIER III Data center in EUROPE, but we can alternatively deploy the solution in other data centers, such as Azure or Amazon (provided SkyBill is the sole administrator for those servers).

Live Support

Contact our support center via forum, email, or socials. Our support staff will help you with any issue and customization


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