What is Skybill?






SkyBill is a web marketplace where customers can buy online business solutions as services (SaaS) - simply like regular goods in a web shop. At the moment Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV industry solutions are available and in nearest future we plan to add Microsoft CRM Online, Office 365 and other products. Purchasing process is fully automated and client can get access to work environment within 5 min after finalizing the registration. Access to the unlimited environment is granted within 3 min after finalizing online payment for chosen solution.

How it works?
Choose solution, register and get free access.

Choose solution, register and get free access. Then you can login in set it up on your own (if have enough ERP skills) or ask for our consultant to make live demo and help with setup. After testing you can upgrade to unlimited usage or just leave it, environment will be deleted if not upgraded and not used for 2 months. Payments for software are made on monthly bases, ask consultants for price in your region. Or send email to info@skybill.eu, also please describe for what purposes you need solution, how many users planed and how many clients need to serve, this all impacts final price.

What is in Skybill.eu?
Skybill portal consists of the following modules: Web shop, Customer module and Tenant administration

Webshop/product choose - this is public marketplace where prospects can see solutions, their descriptions, prices, screenshots etc. Choose localization and buy them using online payment system (VISA/MASTER cards), or just register for trial demo as well as get answers from the sales consultant about the registration processby using the online chat.

Custome module/dashboard - this is where the registered clients get after login and where they can monitor their account balance, payments and manage users.

    There you can:
  • add more users to the solution/tenant
  • download solution installation or link to web-based environment
  • see license
  • see invoices and transaction history
  • see actual balance
  • administrate some additional solutions (like online meter input for utility billing solution- COMAX, or broker network for loan - BRONET)

Administration module/tenant – for statistics, all process monitoring and administration. For each customer production environment is provisioned automatically within 5 minutes after client has registered. The tenant is provisioned within specific add-on multitenant template environment depending on the add-on customer chooses. Both NAV service and SQL databases are hosted on a separate server for scaling.

What else we offer?
Online help, implementation support, regular backups.
We offer online help, implementation support, regular backups, TIER III data center services (we can also deploy on other servers like Azure), license cost monitoring and predictive calculations, additional web solutions and management solutions for them. Custom made web portals or integration with third party solutions.
If you need ON-PREMESES version, please contact our support.

It is possible to use Skybill Utility Billing software together with full scale Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP or as standalone module and export data to your existing ERP in General leger level. All data import and export forms are available in Skybill working environment. Import and export is done via Excel files.